A review of Hari Rud River Basin in Afghanistan

A review of Hari Rud River Basin in Afghanistan


  • Mostafa Mohammadi
  • Abuzer Çelekli


The Harirud River Basin spans across Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan, making it a transboundary river basin. Cooperation among these countries is essential for effective water management, shared benefits, and conflict prevention. The Harirud River Basin holds significant importance due to its geographical, ecological, and geopolitical features. The Harirud River is a crucial water source in the region, providing irrigation for agricultural activities and supplying drinking water to local communities. The river's waters are used for irrigation in Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan, supporting agriculture and livelihoods in these countries. The Harirud River Basin encompasses diverse ecosystems, including wetlands, riparian forests, and desert areas. These habitats support a variety of plant and animal species, contributing to regional biodiversity. The Harirud River has the potential for hydropower generation, which can contribute to the region's energy needs. Constructing dams and utilizing the river's flow for electricity production can help meet the growing energy demands and promote economic development.